Inevitable Champion Guide

a 30-day Innovative Training Experience
for High-Achievers
to Create the Solid Foundation
to Achieve Any Goal with Career, Fitness, Nutrition,
Lifestyle or Relationships
… even if you haven’t been able to figure out what’s in your way.


How I Lead

I’m Craig “Gobro” Gobroski. After I became one of many athletes who leave the stadium, I realized that it was necessary to have personal stability, motivation and structure off the field, so I began creating my own “playbook” for the game of life.  That obsession led me to discover scientific evidence from quantum physics and epigenetics that confirmed much of what I already knew to be true from athletics:  Our environment massively impacts our behavior and success.

When those I encountered in my daily life saw the results Iive, they wanted to know how to do the same. I always cared to share my expertise the best I could, but it felt like I was just handing out random tips and tricks when people were seeking a structured system with customizable guidance so that they could navigate their unique challenges with family, work and health.

The Inevitable Champion Guide has been over a decade in the making.

Previously, I was only able to share this information one play at a time, one person at a time. Now you have an opportunity to get my comprehensive training to amplify success, satisfaction and vitality in any area of your life.

I’m excited for the expansion and vibrance that it’ll bring to you.


Inevitable Champion Guide

a 30-day training experience to…


Customize your declaration to activate yourself to your full potential in 5 minutes or less – without reciting affirmations, mantras or pretending things are true.


Accelerate your ability to switch from destructive internal messaging to  constructive internal messaging so you move beyond drama and negativity and stay focused on what matters.


Strengthen your capacity to move beyond insecurities, worries, doubts and concerns so you achieve the results that you’ve been working so hard to achieve.

How Inevitable Champion Guide is Different

What It is NOT

What It IS




First, you’ll uncover the reason you keep sliding into burnout and exhaustion—and why superficial bandaids (like moving, overhauling your career or going on vacation) can never fix the underlying cause. You’ll also see exactly how to stop that downward slide so that you’re set up to love your life. Don’t worry, I won’t just tell you to “be more grateful.”

Next you’ll discover how to connect with and activate your inner Champion—even if you haven’t felt connected for a while—and the accountability to actually turn it into a habit so you can always know how to access a sustainable source of energy, motivation, focus and determination that allows you to achieve any goal

After you know how to do THAT… you begin developing independence with motivating yourself so you’re not relying on “The Coach” like a crutch. That means you will have the tools and skills to make permanent shifts that you won’t just slide back out of. 



This session focuses on the secret to dropping into total presence with friends, family and people at work so you experience that vibrant flow (even when things feel off).

You’ll also identify…

  • How to reliably change gears when you’re done with work, conflict or other stressful moments so you can show up for your next responsibility with a clear mind and heart, ready for the next moment.
  • How to shift your perspective so your “I’ve got better things to do” attitude is replaced with your higher purpose (and no, this is not about people pleasing or violating your boundaries).
  • How to shake off major “meh” energy so you show up in your most vibrant, focused state – and keep the opportunities flowing in without spending tons of time and money on backup plans that you didn’t really want anyway.

… and yes, everything is customized to you, based on you.



This session shows you how to optimize your performance when you move your body. As a result, it’s easier and more effortless to show up to your life with your unique presence and strength (even if you have been feeling disconnected from that power).

Regardless of your fitness level, it’s time for you to move beyond comparing yourself to others so that your “vessel” receives the benefits of your efforts. If this sounds challenging, I’ve got you.

By the end, you’ll have the skill to shift your perspective on situations and activities that have been compromising your physical body – so that you bring refreshed, vibrant motivation instead.



Navigating through your unique situations will allow you to receive the benefits of this impactful part of your life experience.

In this session, you’ll see how to shift any internal dialogue of judgment so that your beliefs don’t block you from absorbing the nourishment of what you’re eating.

You’ll also find out how to switch out of “binge” or “cheat” mentality — and how to savor it instead.

By the end, you’ll identify the skill of true moderation so you can enjoy any social gathering without getting wrapped up in guilt or shame.



In this session, we’ll navigate “high-stakes” scenarios like…

  • Preparing for (and getting the scores you need) on a challenging test, assessment or examination, even if you failed before
  • Walking into your dream interview with rock-solid confidence that you’re right for the job
  • Exuding calm, confident vibrance on camera—both for presentations or to create videos for your business
  • Facing “Game Time” (tournaments, competitions, or pageants)
  • Dealing with bad news or world-rocking health diagnosis so that you’re not defined by it and continue living on your own terms


First things first, you get access to the Inevitable Champion Guide course inside this website… 

Behind the scenes, we put your copy of the Playbook into the mail. It ships free to US addresses and it’ll be in your hands within 2-3 days…

You can immediately dive in and begin experiencing the training material…

You reserve your onboarding Zoom meeting in Week 1 to clarify your goal, organize your action plan, and get answers to any questions you have about how to take action or make the best use of the suite of resources you have.

You watch the training, take notes and finish assignments in your Playbook…

You submit certain assignments to us for personalized feedback…

You continue experiencing the course material and take action to integrate the concepts and recalibrate your habits… 

You reserve a time to meet with Craig in Zoom during Week 4 to discuss your growth and fine-tune your daily action plan to continue your progress, moving forward…

You continue to have access to all of the material in the training, as well as the current suite of bonuses below, for the next 36 months.


*unlocks after Session 2

The 20-minute “magic” that I’ve used for years to enhance my awareness, banish stress and headaches. Allowing me to be alert without caffeine and enhance my results when working out.

*unlocks after Session 3

From the professional to the beginner, I’ll share my insights so that you can enhance your performance level. Rather than triggering a state of stress, I’ll show you how I activate a state of play through dynamics, the truth about strength-building and stretching.

*unlocks after Session 4

I’ll share how I eat and deal with the conflicting research and overwhelm so that you can shift your beliefs with a system based on moderation, management and maintenance that is simply tailor-fitted to you.


In our own experience, growth is an ongoing process. We are 100% committed to your experiencing the value and benefit of The Inevitable Champion Guide and to the progress that will follow from implementing and mastering the concepts in it. That’s why we offer a 30-day Progress Guarantee. 

This is how it works:  

(1) You fully participate by completing the training videos and assignments — both the digital ones and those in your copy of the Playbook, as well as using all bonuses. 

(2) If you see no progress by day 30, you contact us via email and we set up a time to Zoom. During that Zoom call, we’ll discuss your completed assignments and how to get on the right track. If, after another 30 days, you still see no progress through continuing to implement the course, we’ll return 100% of your investment and you can keep the course materials.

Please note: The Inevitable Champion Guide is designed and delivered specifically to produce results and The Progress Guarantee begins as soon as you register. 


To Discuss Your Registration Options, Book Your Call Below.

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