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As I am frequently approached for insight about how I train my body so that I can be so active, what I eat that contributes to my physical frame and if there is something they don’t know yet to bring out the energy and joy they receive when having a conversation with me. This was a challenge for me as I always realized that the random tips could only do so much when someone wants to truly makes the shifts necessary to get the results they were after.

Because what I have always known to be true is there is a wholeness of how everything operates together. So after decades of linking together what matters by honoring the process, collecting, connecting and integrating everything into The Inevitable Champion Guide I found the way for you to open your unique combination lock and access the ability to truly feel good consistently with greater levels of vitality in your career and life. 

It’s my mission to share this elegant yet impactful approach so that you understand how to customize it all in a way that makes sense for your own rare life. As a result, you’ll find the vibrance that you’ve been seeking when you exercise, eat, work, and spend time with your loved ones… and yes that includes YOU.

You can connect with the personalized self-study guidance in my training, dial it with a more personal connection through the inclusive online coaching program or be immersed at one of my intimate in-person live experiences.

But it’s been a journey to get here…


I have had over 20 years of on-the-field experience in athletics, from the joys of little league to being one of the few to taste the professional level. In addition, I had a handful of years coaching where I was able to connect others with the qualities that were instilled in me. For example my work ethic transferred into many areas of life including the daily hustle of entrepreneurship, almost a decade in construction, a few years in the service industry and every moment in between.

One of which was a powerful character-building moment. A summer during high school. After an early morning of moving irrigation pipes in the field, (even now I can feel the sunrise coming up over the mountains), Clearly a moment that was worth capturing…

“It’s not that no one will see it. It’s that you know it… and every time you walk through,” my grandfather shared as I was helping him put a new door in. 

I knew it would take an extra 30 minutes or so to do it properly. 

A part of the framing underneath was off. It was going to be covered by trim where no one would see except us – and because of this, doing it right was required. 

So he shared something to the effect of:

"Remember: Your investment now serves the experiences moving forward.” Meaning do it wrong and it may be hours you're spending down the road to fix what you could have done right from the beginning.

It was a powerful gift.

As you learn about me, I share my character as I have consideration for all of those that have crossed my path. 

This page only hints at those who have impacted my heart and so I express my appreciation as a whole because the experiences and relationships that I’ve had with coaches, teammates, parents, friends, family, partners, clients and what I call “loved one’s” made a mark. Even some of the most powerful moments have simply been an acknowledgement with a smile or as I held a door passing by, all have mattered in terms of making me. This includes the inspiration received through the creative spark of music, art, and even sweat from the human heart. I have nothing but respect for everyone I have come in connection with as you have encouraged the nourishment to the solid roots I stand upon. This is my CORE. Regardless of the winds of change, I give from the blessings of your leadership.


Throughout my lifetime, I never wavered knowing that it was necessary to move and take care of my body (or as I call it “my vessel”). At a young age, my mother would take me to the gym at 5 AM to train and be around those that chose to rise at that time as well. This established my character traits and abilities that have always served me through the adversity of any experience. A work ethic of grit, discipline, perseverance and love just to name a few of the intangibles. It set the tone – bringing my focus on what I could control – to be in command. My approach to life was made from that solid foundation of commitment. 

From all those years around so many incredibly skilled teammates and example-setting coaches, I knew instinctively that our bodies can do more. Here I have always encouraged and shared with others to get after it in a constructive way so that they receive the benefits of optimizing there unique experience.

I’ve always enjoyed the power of teamwork with the emphasis of getting the best out of another. I care about finding the “gold” in any experience, even if the scoreboard says something different in the moment. 

“Is it true?” Yes. We don’t ignore the facts. 

But the real question is: “What do we choose to take forward with us?”


During my college years, I said yes to a different path. I had the gift to grow through the junior college experience and all that comes with it to continue playing the game I love and receive my degree. 

There was a powerful period working with a sprint coach who shared a shift I will never forget. 

As you might already realize I do “whatever it takes” to find a way to grow and get better, I saw this gentleman working with other athletes across the field and wanted to join. 

When he shared something to the effect of “This isn’t for just anyone. You can’t just show up and train with us,” I honored his words and went on… to the other side of the field of course….:)

Gifted with clear sight and excellent hearing, I watched what they did and listened intently to what was being said and every move I implemented. Even through the moments of seeing their judgment and hearing words meant to break me, my heart was beyond the noise. I was in tune with the skills I was gaining, focusing on what I could control. Noticing the time and place to be, I showed up day after day.

The coach finally came over: “You’re not going to stop, are you?” 

“No sir,” was my reply, giving respect while commanding myself.

“Come on over so that you can meet everyone and we can get to work.”

This was a moment I call “being tested for our authenticity” and it's when we stand firm with the commitment to see it through.

During this pivotal point, I aligned with consistency to shift my speed and my ability as an athlete to provide the opportunity to receive a scholarship, continue playing football and graduate from university.


I loved not just the game but really watching others win, as well. So, after college, I used my communication skills while working with homeowners, business owners, sub-contractors, agents and companies to bring structure and order to projects’ completion. It gave me a great understanding of scheduling and creating an experience that would be pleasant for all parties involved. 

This was when I found myself being called back to the sport because of an opportunity to play for a professional indoor football team in my area. Just for fun, I went for tryouts since I kept myself in peak performance so that I was ready for any experience.  It was such a gift to receive a call and be a part of a new organization with a handful of athletes seeing many men who could play at the highest level. 

With that view I was satisfied with this mountain and I was ready to climb a new one. So I shifted to coaching high school football and track, hustling to make things work by getting my feet wet in entrepreneurship and what I now know as innovation.

My final year of coaching athletics, I had an epiphany hearing myself tell the kids to go out and pursue their dreams –  without letting anything stop them… and it made me realize and question myself – Was I really doing that in my own life? It was tough because I loved every moment of coaching these champions… but I couldn’t ignore that I was still being guided to expand in a different way. 

It was no small thing because so many athletes who leave the field struggle to transfer their commitment to show up, their consistent self-care and constant spirit of celebration from all of the team structure that being on the field brings to the responsibility and order necessary to enjoy everyday life.


Leaving the stadium and all that entails was one of the biggest decisions of my life. Someone reminded me of the identity I embodied when they said: “But you’re Coach Gobro… Who are you if you’re not coaching?”

Long story short, I chose to find out and took the leap, selling my house and moving into the unknown. I was gifted the opportunity to do this without the weight of so many responsibilities that you can’t afford to let go of.

Suddenly, I realized that it really was no small thing to find meaning and structure off the field from scratch. I was also meeting more and more professionals and entrepreneurs who lived in a constant state of grinding and straining to accomplish their goals. I realized they had limited connections and resources to the insights I was aware of.

The problem that high-performing athletes have is actually the same problem that high-achieving professionals have – only they experience it from opposite directions. 

That’s when I began creating my own playbook for the game of life.  That obsession led me to  learn about the science of what I already knew and have been living in topics like quantum physics, epigenetics and how our environment impacts our behavior and success so that this wisdom can be implemented in a simple way. 

When people who I encounter in my daily life see the example and joy I live, they want to know how to do the same. I have always cared to share my expertise the best I could, but it often felt like I was just handing out tips and tricks when people were seeking a structured system with customizable guidance so that they can navigate their own unique challenges with family, work and health… in a way that truly makes sense for them. 

For years, I was only able to share my approach one tip at a time with one person at a time.  Now the solution is here in my comprehensive training to amplify success, satisfaction and vitality in all areas of your life. 

I’m excited to have a conversation about the shifts that you desire and how I can support you.


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