Attention Coaches with Signature Systems

Attention Coaches with Signature Systems

The “Live-to-Evergreen” Innovative Solution
Custom Integrated with Your Signature System
so that
More of Your Clients Maximize Their Results
— Without Draining Your Energy

Do you want your clients to show up ready to implement your Signature System,

receive your guidance with the resilience to move forward, 

and follow your recommendations?

WITHOUT relying on you to generate the motivation
that should be coming from them?

There IS a way.

And it is easier than what you’ve been doing.

Is this you?

How We Created 30-day A-Player Activator

Hi, I’m Craig Gobroski.  I spent nearly 30 years in athletics, coaching and managing custom construction projects.

In the spring of 2023, I met up with Jaime Miller, a high-ticket coach with 12 years of experience developing language skills. You’ll hear more from her soon. Over the following months, as she took the time to interview me, she structured and tested the curriculum for what would become Inevitable Champion Guide, a 30-day skill-based training for high-achievers to create the solid foundation of mental strength to achieve any goal with career, fitness, nutrition, lifestyle or relationships.

While creating Inevitable Champion Guide, Jaime and I personally vetted every single activity twice and then tested them on the clients in her own Signature System. The early results were very exciting because they gave her stressed out clients the boost of energy and clarity they needed to take focused action on Jaime’s program. She noticed the change immediately.

Months later, after she did an exit interview with yet another client who mentioned Inevitable Champion Guide had played a role in their success with her Signature System, we created 30-Day A-Player Activator, a “from-live-to-evergreen” customized integration so that all of her clients (presently and in the future) can benefit.

Now that the preparation is complete, we’re ready to deliver it to you and your clients.

Like you, we regularly invest in our own growth and development.

What We Learned from a Decade Participating in Coaching Programs for Entrepreneurs

(1) “High Investment = High Motivation” is a myth in the industry that doesn’t guarantee results. We’ve seen people invest in high-ticket programs without getting the promised result. When that happens with proven Signature Systems, the problem is mindset.

(2) Predictably, on every call, clients have mindset issues. So coaches can spend a fair amount of time just trying to reengage clients so they can implement the Signature System.  Or coaches hire another coach whose job is to keep clients motivated. 

(3)  Hotseats in group calls are limited — and even when one client’s mindset issue is relevant to others, that doesn’t mean everyone internalizes the solution because effective mindset upgrades are NOT mass-produced. And when clients get in the hotseat… Are they brave enough to share the real thing that’s stopping them? And what if they don’t even know what that is? 

(4) The idea that “everyone benefits from other people’s questions” is accurate when it comes to your Signature System — but not when it comes to mindset work because everyone needs their own internal, personalized guidance. 

We know you bring a Signature System that changes clients’ lives. And you find that some people show up and get the maximum benefit, but you scratch your head (and sometimes obsess) about how to help the clients who just don’t seem to have “what it takes” to make it happen… for whatever reason.

We also know you do your best to help them with what the industry loosely terms “mindset.” Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

The thing is… Mindset coaching is not what your Signature System is about. And you wear yourself (and your team) out when you have to focus on it in order to drag clients back into your zone of genius so they can fulfill the promise they signed up for.

That’s why we created 30-Day A-Player Activator, a customized service that complements high-ticket coaching by activating clients’ internal ability to stay motivated and focused long enough to get results.

30-Day A-Player Activator Supports Your Signature System

Simply by integrating 30-Day A-Player Activator  into your existing program and requiring clients to complete key activities in Inevitable Champion Guide, you give every client the tools they need to develop a solid foundation so they can benefit from the Signature System and the promise that you deliver.




Give each unique client customizable mindset support by handing them the best tools—with demonstrations how to use them.


Dial up each client’s vitality and develop their missing mindset skills by requiring simple, quick, effective assignments.


Make it easier for each client to succeed with your Signature System by integrating those tools & skills into your program.

The Impact on Coach & Clients

"Because of 30-Day A-Player Ativator, the lifetime Success Rate of my program is currently at 47% (so nearly 1 in 2 clients get the result).

"Within days of completing Ineviable Champion Guide, my clients' energy was noticeably stronger and more determined—and that translated into more efficient and focused sessions in Zoom.

"My Signature System helps my clients get higher scores on a particular standardized test. Once they get those scores, they're able to triple their income.

"By the time my clients are ready to invest far more with me than they did with others who promised the same thing, many of them are stuck in a rut and discouraged from ongoing failure. Their investment alone is not enough to motivate them to find many months of energy to reach their ambitious goals... so...

"I've spent a lot of time giving pep talks, making mindset more and more "a thing" on my radar and trying various options like affirmations and making lists of all the reasons they're successful. Despite my best efforts, the impact was mixed and limited... and most of them were falling through the cracks.

"For the first time in 13 years, because 30-Day A-Player Activator, my clients have a structured and customizable approach to activate and sustain the attitude that accelerates results.

"The difference is a little surreal. It's the easiest, most scalable, most individually-relevant, most effective option I've had."

Jaime Miller

* Below are stories from 3 of my clients who had breakthroughs with Craig’s program and got the results my Signature System promises. For client anonymity, I’m staying broad with general context. 

Client 1

Energy and Focus Snapped into Alignment with The Goal

8 days after filming my video, the client shared that 7 years of disappointment and failure had created lots of habits of procrastination, but now they easily found 5-6 hours per day to take action on my Signature System. 

14 weeks after THAT… the client got the results they invested with me for.

Client 2

Anxious Negativity Transformed into Energized Confidence

In their own words…

“They used to say think positively but they never told me how! So, I used to tell myself “be positive” but its effect would only a last few minutes.

“For a long time I was convinced that I had a weak and a very hesitant personality and I thought I couldn’t do anything about it… until I came across Jaime who diagnosed my problem from the first meeting. She advised me to use Craig’s course to activate my champion.

“Finally, I know HOW to always think positively with Craig’s special and effective techniques. What I like about Inevitable Champion Guide is that it changes my way of thinking from being very negative, anxious, angry, unsatisfied into positive, energetic, confident, achievable, calm. I learned we’re in command of how we perceive any situation that faces us.

“I am very grateful for those amazing people.”

This client achieved the career-changing 6% rise in their test scores (with all-time new personal bests in 3 of the 4 sub-tests) due to combining Inevitable Champion Guide with Jaime’s Signature System.

Client 3

Chose to Stop Their Pattern of Self-Sabotage

Because of my Signature System, this client was at the performance level that made it worth registering for their final test. 

But… They ignored my recommendation and did not take the test until much later because… “reasons.” By which time, they had lost their advantage and they didn’t get high enough scores.

We spent 3 more months getting them back up to the right performance level. Eventually they were ready again — but they once again told me wouldn’t be able to follow my recommendation because… “reasons.”  

Fortunately, this time, they had just attended the 1st A-Player Activator workshop and done the activities, so they were in their best self, feeling very powerful and capable. 

After I laid out their choices…

Option 1: Follow my recommendation (“I know it feels very soon so I won’t push you into anything you aren’t ready for.”)  

Option 2: Repeat the last few months for the next few months for the third time (“It’s ok if you feel this is the best choice for you.”)

This client decided to take the leap, even though it pushed them out of their comfort zone and habitual response.  Thrillingly, they got the scores that unlocked their future career opportunities. 

Honestly, if they hadn’t done the A-Player Activator, I believe they would have just repeated the same pattern: Work hard. Attain the skill. Self-sabotage. 

These 3 achievements have opened seats for new clients, improved this coach’s Signature System’s rate of success and brought ease to her day.

How 30-Day A-Player Activator is Different

What It is NOT

What It IS

Get Ready...
Your Registration Ignites

What You're Getting

Feature Details

Client Credits

Each of your 20 “Client Credit” entitles you to enroll a client in Inevitable Champion Guide. It includes the online course, a physical copy of the Playbook shipped free to US addresses, Results Setting and feedback on their assignments via email.

The Course

The Playbook


We will deliver our signature 2-part A-Player Activator workshop live to you and your clients in Zoom. Each is about 40-50 minutes.

You’ll meet with us privately beforehand to customize those workshops for your clients and Signature System. 

You will get the workshop recordings within 24 hours enabling you to create an evergreen experience for future clients.


We provide you with “copy-paste-customize” templates for the exact emails and digital assets you need to…

  • announce this investment to your clients
  • keep them focused on the right priorities before and after our workshops
  • clarify ways they can connect our content with your Signature System
  • increase their buy-in
  • engage inactive clients
  • organize your Evergreen course content
  • create your Evergreen automated emails
  • repurpose on social media and sales pages
Any questions you have will be answered by your personal Integration Advisor.


One of the major reasons you’re investing in 30-day A-Player Activator is that you want to ensure that people who enroll in your high-ticket Signature System get the results that you promise. 

After you’ve been flying high with Inevitable Champion Guide, we want to check in with you quarterly to discuss how it’s going, what’s happening with your clients, and if there are any gaps that need to be filled. 

Currently-Included Bonuses

Quantities of these bonuses are limited.

#1 – Legacy Pricing on Extra “Client Credits” 

You have a rare chance to lock in your Legacy Pricing for Inevitable Champion Guide per client  forever. Only 7 high-ticket coaches will get the “Current” Legacy Pricing. Once those 7 spots are taken, Legacy Pricing increases.

#2 – “Exponential Growth” Integration Advising 

Immediately after registration, you’ll be connected to your Integration Advisor who will provide real-time answers to you (or the team member who you delegate to) for the next 90 days via text, email or Zoom. 

Your Integration Advisor has already experienced the 30-Day A-Player Activator and has first-hand experience integrating our customized workshops and tools into their Signature System — including…

  • announcing the investment and workshop schedule to your clients,
  • getting their buy-in for required assignments,
  • capitalizing on the results you start seeing with existing clients,
  • cross-marketing to existing clients to fuel their motivation and maximize their Success Rate in the first quarter,
  • how to update your Signature System’s evergreen welcome campaign so that all future clients get the same boost

As well as help tracking your clients to make sure they’re on the path to get the results your Signature System delivers.

#3 – Impact Matching

Impact Matching is a soul-to-soul match. For every human you impact, Champion In Command matches 1:1 by delivering training to leadership and community-driven organizations. The areas that are most dear to our heart that we care to serve are youth and those affected by challenging environments. We always enjoy knowing areas you care to impact, as well.


The A-Player Activator is unique. Its interactive nature makes it impossible to be on the outside, using only your imagination to understand the deep value it has for your clients. The only way that you can make a fully-informed decision about it is if you’re on the inside where you’re experiencing everything and seeing the impact it has on your clients’ results when integrated with your Signature System.

What we want is the Win-Win-Win that’s possible only when everyone comes into the process with a Hell Yes-Yes-Yes!

That’s why we see the 30-day A-Player Activator as a partnership that relies on all of us—Champion In Command, you, and your clients—to each do our own part. This collaboration is essential to the “YES YES YES” Guarantee.

(1) Champion In Command takes extreme ownership of showing up for you. In the extremely unlikely event that we fail to meet our responsibilities in the first 90 days, we will refund you 100% of payments when you send in your Playbook with USPS tracking to confirm the date of cancellation.

(2) You, as a leader of your clients, take extreme ownership of showing up and setting the example. You agree to complete the ICG training and Playbook, coordinate with your Integration Advisor and attend meetings with CIC. You also agree to schedule and attend Workshop #1 by Day 30 and Workshop #2 by Day 45 at the absolute latest with 5 or more of your clients. Additionally, you agree to lead your for some reason, you are not able to take action on time, if your leadership isn’t received by your clients so that CIC receives a bare minimum of 5 assignments to allow customization of Workshop #2. (Note: Failure to do so is not grounds for refund or cancellation.)

(3) Your clients take extreme ownership of getting their results. We will refund 100% of your investment by day 90 in the extremely unlikely event that, after 8 or more of your clients complete the assignments and use the tools, none of them are able to demonstrate any improvements with the skills of mental strength that assist them getting the benefit of your Signature System. The areas in which this might be evident include, but are not limited to: show up rate; energy, vitality and/or quality of participation in sessions; level of preparation, concentration and progress with tasks in your Signature System. In this case, we will ask you to send in your own completed Playbook with USPS tracking to confirm the date of cancellation. (Note: Clients not achieving results promised by your Signature System or clients not using the material is not grounds for refund or cancellation.)

We make this guarantee because we’re confident that this will be the most impactful tool you’ve ever used simultaneously with your Signature System to develop and strengthen your clients’ skills of mental strength.

Frequently-Asked Questions

You’ll spend approximately 20-25 hours taking action on the steps that will guide your clients to success. This includes time that you’ll spend experiencing what your clients experience, meeting with us, and tailoring your emails and evergreen delivery.

Your clients will need the following amounts of time:

  • 10-15 minutes to read all of the emails that you’ll send with instructions and templates we provide you
  • 40-50 minutes to attend Workshop 1 live or watch the recording
  • 2.5 hours to watch our video content
  • 40 to 50 minutes to attend Workshop 2 live or watch the recording

Total, that’s less than 5 hours of content. In addition, your clients will need extra time to actually do the activities and share the 2 key assignments with you. That extra time commitment will vary a lot from person to person. Clients may spend 3 to 6 hours, depending on how much time they spend “connecting” to answer.

If you have a business partner or another coach in your team, you can use your Client Credits to open up access to anyone else in your team so that they have access as well. 

30-day A-Player Activator is only available with a bundle of 20 Client Credits so that you are taken care of from the start with onboarding and the key features of our service.

It’s not necessary to use all 20 Client Credits immediately. They will be ready for your future use. 

However, you must have 5 clients or more attending live in the workshops and participating in the preparation activities so that we have enough context and details from your people to customize our workshop and provide the most value to your future clients who experience the evergreen version.

When you invest, you receive whatever the current Legacy Pricing is at. This means you have locked in a special pricing (see currently Included bonuses above) for each additional client you purchase the program for. 

Very often, all of your different programs are aligned and aim in the same direction — so one would be enough. Don’t forget to mention these when you fill out the questionnaire below reserving your time to talk with us.

Yes! The material in Inevitable Champion Guide is suitable for clients at any stage of progress.

Reserve Your Call to Discuss

Bringing the
30-Day A-Player Activator
to Your Clients

Let’s show your clients how to choose which version of them shows up to your program. Then give them a reliable process to continue accessing their power and strength so THAT becomes their new daily standard. Now, whenever they show up to you in your Signature System, they don’t squander your expertise and instead receive the benefits you bring.

During this 20-minute session, you’ll meet live in Zoom with me, Craig “Gobro” Gobroski. We’ll discuss how to introduce your clients to the 30-Day A-Player Activator Workshop so that they are aligned with their highest selves and accelerate their results with your Signature System–even if you feel like you already exhausted your options.

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT sell anything during this Zoom call. I engage in heart-centered connection and conversation because it’s important for both of us to explore if we have the compatibility and teamwork that leads to results without the pressure to buy anything. However, because my time and resources are valuable, I offer just one Free Call per Coach. Please be ready to reserve your time when you’re actively looking for support and are prepared to take action.

NOTE: The Prerequisites for This Complimentary Call are…

  1. You have a Signature System, program or method that you teach your clients.
  2. You get results for your specific, ideal client… and you care about raising the percentage of clients who are successful with your Signature System. 
  3. You have 15-20 hours available in the next 30 days to  lead by example, dial in the workshop details with Craig and connect with your Integration Strategist so that the support you receive for EVERY client is seamless.

Your reservation impacts my schedule so if you cannot finish the questionnaire on time or if you need to reschedule for any reason, please be considerate and reschedule or cancel 24 hours in advance. 



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