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Complementing High-Ticket Coaches & Their Signature Systems

Craig Gobroski

I spent 25 years in athletics and coaching before jumping into the online space. I have met so many professionals who live in a constant state of hustle, grinding and straining to accomplish their goals, so I quickly realized it is essential for the high-achiever to create meaning and structure wherever they are. I knew that many insights I gained during decades on the field are vital for a professional to thrive—like how to stay focused in a hostile environment of opposing fans or when you see a gap on the scoreboard and continue to show up and give it your all or simply shift to the next play. I serve people by showing them how to make these simple but powerful adjustments to their own, unique perspective so they show up as the champion and accomplish what they want to achieve.

Jaime Miller

As a serial learner, I have a knack for translating “unconscious competence” into simple processes that novices can not only follow, but actually develop skills with, especially during moments of pressure. My clarity comes from the 15 years I guided non-native speakers to polish their use of English as a second language, with the last 12 in high-stakes standardized exam preparation so they could advance their careers. I’ve led over 10,000 hours of Zoom classes, launched over a dozen digital courses and directed immersive learning experiences that make invisible concepts tangible. I ground Craig’s concepts and create the infrastructure so they can meet up with you and reach your world.

Whether you’re a high-ticket coach wanting to ignite your clients’ results with your Signature System…

or you’re a high-achiever wanting to provide the stability and consistency your family and community deserve…

We are honored to be on your team. 

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