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3 Secrets to Ignite Your Clients So They Get Results with Your Signature System Faster & Easier... and YOU Get Better Client Retention,
More Referrals & Dominate Your Niche

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Bringing the
30-Day A-Player Activator
to Your Clients

Let’s show your clients how to activate their personal guidance so they have the tools and skills to show up in your sessions, ready to benefit from your expertise — so they get results with your Signature System even faster. When you accelerate their Success Rate, you have better client retention, improve your referrals and dominate your niche. 

During this 15-minute session, you’ll meet live in Zoom with me, Craig “Gobro” Gobroski. We’ll discuss how to introduce your clients to the 30-Day A-Player Activator Workshop so that they are aligned with their highest selves and accelerate their results with your Signature System–even if you feel like you already exhausted the traditional options.

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT sell anything during this Zoom call. I engage in heart-centered connection and conversation because it’s important for both of us to explore if we have the compatibility and teamwork that leads to results without the pressure to buy anything. However, because my time and resources are valuable, I offer just one Free Call per Coach. Please be ready to reserve your time when you’re actively looking for support and are prepared to take action.

NOTE: The Prerequisites for This Complimentary Call are…

  1. You have a Signature System, program or method that you teach your clients.
  2. You get results for your specific, ideal client… and you care about raising the percentage of clients who are successful with your Signature System. 
  3. You have 12-15 hours available in the next 30 days to stay ahead of your clients, lead by example, and add a lot more structure to the “mindset” support you provide EVERY client.

Your reservation impacts my schedule so if you cannot finish the questionnaire on time or if you need to reschedule for any reason, please be responsible and reschedule or cancel 24 hours in advance. 



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